The Biggest Fashion Trends of 2019

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The Biggest Fashion Trends of 2019

Are you still strategizing over your party wardrobe last year?

It’s time to kiss goodbye those clothes and set your sights on what’s hit this 2019. Fortunately, Pinterest already has a compilation of the search terms that will most likely make a major hit this year. Instagram also got its own set of images that you’ll be vying on.

So before you start buying clothes for this new year, check out these 10 predictions of the upcoming sartorial highlights.

  1. Oversized Hats

Last year, Jacquemus La Bomba hat was introduced and mainly portrayed at Instagram. Because of the attention which was brought by this new fashion statement, brands are starting to create their very own version and everyone just can’t get enough of it.

  1. Bamboo Bags

Bamboo bags already made a huge hit last year and this craze is expected to continue this 2019. As for Pinterest searches, the term “bamboo bags” are being searched for up to 2,215 percent. By that, you can expect that people are really into it.

  1. Sensible Shorts

Last year was full of tight-looking cycling shorts. But for this year, you can expect to see a little looser style of shorts – the sensible shorts. As summer is fast approaching, we will get to see more of this tailored, knee-length and micro wardrobe as we toss away (maybe for a few months) skirts and take a more boyish alternative. Famous celebrities spotted using sensible shorts are Rejina Pyo, Alexa Chung, and Margaret Howell.

  1. Tight Pleats

Tight Pleats made a huge come-back last year and this phenomenon will take its toll this 2019. However, this year, you can expect to see more intricate designs and much tighter pleats than before. These micro pleats give us that maximum impact that helps generate more movements and a silhouette appearance as it expands and contracts.

  1. Tie-Dye

Everyone got surprised when the Tie-dye appeared again after it became famous in the 1960s. However, this time around, the 2019 edition of the tie-dye is a whole lot chicer and offers a no-holds-barred approach.

  1. Fancy Flats

Models at Halpern, Ashish and David Koma are vying for stiletto heels and we can’t deny that it looks classy as they slay the show. But don’t worry, if you are someone who wants to wear that down-to-earth pair of shoes, you can opt for those comfy and fancy-looking flats as it will be a sure hit this 2019.

  1. Summer Waterproofs

The unpredictable weather on summer taught us something useful – you should be well prepared. Aside from those sunglasses, bikini and high-cut boots, you can also add some fair-weather waterproofs just in case you need one.

  1. Fringing

Cowboy boot was considered the autumn’s obsession. Because of that, we expect to have a Western-inspired trend on our wardrobe next year that’s fringing.

  1. Puffed Shoulders

We’ve all had had enough bold shoulders clothing. This year will be a lot puffier as puffed shoulders will make its way to the 2019 trends. These puffed shoulders will do great on square necklines of feminine dresses.

  1. Sequins

For many years, sequins is a constant fashion trend. We’ve seen endless incarnations and this year is just the same, though we will more likely see a gently beaded style.

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