Should You Wear Boho Fashion for Spring?

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Should You Wear Boho Fashion for Spring?

Do you follow Kate Moss or Brigitte Bardot when it comes to fashion styles? Well, if you love to wear floral dresses, turban style head wrap, and other vintage fashion outfits, then you are a boho chic. But is it applicable when it’s springtime? Let’s figure out if wearing boho fashion this spring is a good idea.

The Bohemian Style

Fundamentally, the boho or bohemian style dates back from the 60s and 70s. It embodies unstructured ethos and freedom, the very essence of the hippy lifestyle. The bohemian style emphasizes environmentally-friendly connectedness to our planet with natural fabrics and free floaty designs.

The boho outfits are inspired by layering and combining different clothing in order to achieve a unique character – your own personalized style. However, it is not exclusively represented by free-flowing fabrics. In fact, you can also wear something fitted such as leggings and stretchable vest tops.

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To help you create a style that suits the spring weather, wear spaghetti top, stretch tee, or vest top. Bra tops are also popular options when wearing tight shorts or mini-skirts. Then you can complete your look with a cardigan top or oversized jacket.

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Spring boho getups include tunic style blouses, kaftan style dresses, cheesecloth skirts, wide-legged pants, flared jeans, and light colored denim. Other trendy items of clothing you can find are womens lace shorts, ruffle mini dress red, boho dress styles, and bikini cover up garments. For your fabulous accessories, you can use matching belts, layered necklace, bracelet, and leather bags.


 What types of fabrics are ideal to wear this spring?

 Here’s a list of the best materials for your natural boho look:

  • light cottons
  • cool linens
  • natural hemp
  • chiffon
  • lace
  • silk
  • suede


When it comes to the colors that perfectly match spring boho outfits, it’s safe to choose deep browns, charcoal black, rich tan, soft cream, chalky white, tupe, beige, and some bright colors to highlight your unique style.


So, you really want to create the most ideal boho look for spring? All you need is proper layering of different items of clothing. Make sure they match each other and the fabrics are suitable for your preferred patterns. The ideal pattern is small, subtle, and earthy.

Mille fleurs and florals are good options. But you can also choose subtle pinstripes, small polka dots, ethnic prints, and ikat styles. All these patterns will go well with your outfits including beachwear, dresses, and other garments.

Photo Above: Women's Boho Maxi Cut Out Dress By Aesthete Lifestyle

Tips When Dressing Bohemian

  • Carefully choose the layers and patterns.
  • Choose styles that match your figure or body shape.
  • Try different looks such as vintage boho dress with original hippy concept.
  • Find the right accessories such as hats, scarves, belts, and jackets.

You can wear leather sandals or ankle boots to complete your chic boho fashion look. If you’re not sure about your choices, just follow these top fashion trends for your ultimate boho style this spring.