Clothing for Your Body Shape

The great thing about fashion is that anything goes as long as it makes you look and feel good. There is no cookie-cutter approach to dressing nice. If your attire and accessories accentuate what you have, you can appear your best in any outfit.

Fashion designers have devised a clever way to classify women’s bodies and still keep the system manageable. They identify four common body shapes:

  1. Apple or Triangle Downward
  2. Banana or Rectangular
  3. Hourglass
  4. Pear, Spoon, Bell, or Triangle Upward

We understand that it is not really flattering to be compared to a geometrical figure but this model has some advantages. Knowing your type can help you make fashion choices that will bring out your beauty. It simpler than it sounds.

What is Your Body Type?

Before we begin, let’s make it clear that there is no good or bad body type. They are just conventions used in the fashion industry to help women navigate the complex world of brands, styles, and accessories. Embrace your type and dress suitably.


You are an apple if you have a top-heavy body with a wide torso, broad shoulders, full bust, and thinner arms and legs. Fourteen percent of women belong to this type.

Apple Body Type


A pear type is the opposite of an apple type, but more common with 20 percent of women reporting larger hips than bust. These women have noticeable hips and thighs with slender shoulders.

Pear Body Type


With 46 percent of women reporting hips, waist, and bust of the same size, the banana is the most common body shape. Women with a banana shape look straight up with flat shoulders.

Banana Body Type


Although much advertised, this is the least common of all body types: only 8 percent of women having identical busts and hips with a slender waist.

Hourglass Body Type

You can use Body Type Calculator if you still have trouble identifying with a type. We are not being paid to advertise the tool, but we thought it would be handy for some of our clients.

Clothes and Accessories for Each Body Shape

Although our store is currently not big, we can proudly say that we have something for each body shape. Read on to find out what we have in store for you.

Clothing for Apple Body Types

Straight leg pants and flowy tops de-emphasize your midsection and bring out the natural beauty in you. You may want to check them out before attending your next weekend hang out.

Women’s Flow Tank

Women Flow tank

Women’s Faux Leather Pants

Women Faux Leather Pants

Clothing for Pear Body Types

If you are of the pear type, a nice way to dress is to divert attention away from your lower body. There are several ways to do that: put on embellished tops with plain pants and a-line skirts.

Women’s Boho Floral Party Dress (A-line)


Women’s Crochet Blouse (Embellished top)


Clothing for Banana Body Types

Mini skirts and ruffled pieces are flattering for this type.

Women’s Sexy High Waisted Folded Mini Skirt


Women’s Ruffle Mini Dress



Clothing for Hourglass Body Types

The ideal clothing for this type is the one that highlights your curves, instead of hiding them. Crop tops, belted jackets, and wrap dresses accentuate your natural curves.

Women’s Lace Up Crop ToLace up Crop topWomen's Faux Fur long Jacket:




We hope this short guide will help you shop smartly. Looking forward to your comments.