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A Short Guide to Men’s Bracelets for Beginners

One of the most exciting trends for this season is the return of bracelets. They are “back in for dudes, fueling a surge in men's accessories that has forecasters predicting twenty-year sales highs,” announces NYMAG. The magazine has also compressed the 11,000-year history of bracelets in a nice infographic.

History of Bracelets

Bracelets can be functional, decorative, or both. They come in all types: ranging from simple, single-stranded bracelets to arm-covering, stylish, and dandy things made of gold, silver, or platinum. Selecting the right bracelet from this wide range is not a straightforward affair.

You will want something that allows you to play around with your style, reflects your mood, or makes a statement. It is easy for life-time bracelet fans. They have experience and an eye for selecting just the right thing. For everyone else, we have this short guide to get you started.

Bracelets 101

Bracelets aren't different from other jewelry in that they are not the main outfit but exist to accent your appearance. If you are in a suit and tie, metallic bracelets will form a natural fit. And if you are wearing wrap pants with tropical t-shirts, a beaded bracelet will look natural.

As of March 2017, Aesthete Lifestyle’s collection features 32 bracelets for men in two categories:

  1. Beaded
  2. Wrap and Anchor


Currently, Beaded provides more choice. You can select from natural stone, wooden, and metal beads. The beaded bracelets are an easy style with a casual vibe. With the possible exception of 24K Gold Plated Beads and Braided Macramé Bracelets, you can wear them with any outfit in summer to accent your style.

owl head lava stone bracelet

Owl Head Lava Stone Bracelet

Wrap and Anchor

Instantaneous cool vibe is the top reason men buy Anchor Cuff Braided Wrap Bracelet. It comes in three colors with toggle-clasps and real leather. Its sibling,—Leather Anchor Bracelet—features zinc alloy and leather. Everyone knows what leather stands for; speed, masculinity, and authority.

Leather Anchor Bracelet


Leather Anchor Bracelet


So, which impression do you want to give off: an easy-going guy or a don’t-bother-me man? Perhaps, browsing our collection of men’s bracelets can help you decide. You can buy online those designers bracelets and get them shipped to you free. The free shipping offers extends to the United States and Canada.