9 Ways To Style Your Plain White T-Shirt

9 Ways To Style Your Plain White T-Shirt

Most of you would think that your black pumps or LBD are the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. While those that are constantly on standbys like classic plain white T-shirts are kept on the back of your closet.

Surprisingly, these mostly neglected white tees can actually be worn in different ways. Whether you want to find a new way to style your favor white tee for the office, the weekend or anything in between.

Give your white tee some twist. Find more styles here:

  1. White T-Shirt Pretty Skirt and a Scarf

This style is a bit formal, you can wear it in the office, a brunch or even parties like baby showers. This combination is more ladylike, giving you a retro yet feminine vibe. You can partner it with a slingback kitten heels as well as a straw hat. It will give you unfussy feel yet fancy enough for formal occasions.

  1. White T-Shirt and A Suit

Another downright professional look is a white tee topped with a suit, preferably, a red one. The accessories that you should use are those polished ones especially if you are using a silk blouse. You can also wear a necklace to disguise the cotton-rib collar of your t-shirt.

  1. White T-Shirt, Tank and Jeans

To add a bit of a twist, you can wear a colorful tank on top of your white tee. Partner it with jeans and you are good to go!

  1. White T-Shirt and Jacket

Want to stay comfortable? You can wear a white tee, topped with a utility jacket, leggings, and tennis shoes. This should be a great outfit if you are travelling or running some errands. This is definitely a no-fuss outfit.

  1. White T-Shirt and Skirt

From Aesthete Lifestyle | Black Denim Skirt

There are days when you just don’t feel like wearing either pants or leggings. During this time, you can wear a skirt and a white t-shirt. You can partner it with flat sandals for daytime and for night events, you can simply swap it with heels.

  1. White T-Shirt and Cardigan

There is no reason not to consider a t-shirt as a casual attire. If you just choose pieces which have clean lines and structure like a cardigan, a white top, and high-waist denim, you will definitely achieve the look that you want. Loafers for footwear will complete your attire.

From Aesthete Lifestyle | Long Button Cardigan

  1. White T-Shirt, A Leather Jacket, and High-Waist Denim Skirt

Want that 90’s girl feel? Grab a white tee then compliment it with a leather jacket and a high-waist denim skirt. Add sunnies to complete your look.

From Aesthete Lifestyle | Faux Leather Jacket

  1. Oversized White T-Shirt, A Black Bralette, Jeans and Short Heels

If you want to show some skin, you can opt to wear an oversized white T-shirt and a black bralette. Jeans and short heels will make it look sexy without overdoing it.

  1. White T-Shirt, Denim Jacket

Image from Aesthete LifeStyle | Blue Distressed Jacket

If you want to go to a party, this outfit is perfect for the occasion. White T-shirt, partnered with high-waist shorts and denim jacket will look so great on you. You can also wear a leather bag and a sleek ponytail for your hair.