5 Tips On How To Travel Light and Dress Well All At The Same Time

5 Tips On How To Travel Light and Dress Well All At The Same Time

It is truly a challenge to pack light and save some space while staying fashionable as you go and travel around. But according to New York-based stylish Kate Young, it doesn’t take that much effort to look fashionable on the road.

“Anyone can look chic while travelling, and there’s no need to spend a lot or pack a lot to do it,” says Young. Here are the tips to follow so you can travel light and dress fashionably at the same time.

How To Travel Light and Dress Well Tip #1: Wear Black Then Pick A Second Color

Use color to be fashionable on a budget.

Most women like to travel wearing black. Imagine spilling your coffee on the plane. Black shirt won’t make it too visible. But then, you shouldn’t concentrate on wearing black only. Add a second color. When picking the perfect color that will complement well with your complexion, place it closely to your face. This style also appears great in photographs.

This Women’s Open Back Fashion Bow Flare Top should look good on you.

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How To Travel Light and Dress Well Tip #2: Ballet Flats Instead of Sneakers

Sneakers… oh, how comfy they are on your feet. But then, despite the comfort that sneakers can surely offer, we can’t deny the fact that they are space stealers.

If you want to maximize the space on your luggage, you can also opt for ballet flats that are also very comfortable to use. It comes in different colors that will compliment your outfit. What’s more beneficial is its cheap price.

How To Travel Light and Dress Well Tip #3: Small Pouch Instead of Backpacks

When roaming around the city, use a small purse that you can wear around your neck rather than a back pack because it shouts “boring” and “not chic” throughout the world! Also, these huge bags attracts pick pockets.

As much as possible, pick something that can hold your smartphone, cash, passport, and keys.

How To Travel Light and Dress Well Tip #4: Use A Multi-colored Scarf

For travel and style, wearing scarves is definitely a must have. Scarves can be used for style or for covering of head and shoulders when you visit a house of worship. For cold places, you can use a scarf as a form of cover up and a belt to add more fashion to your outfit. If you happen to be a fan of using a money belt, you can also use your scarf to hide it and avoid pick-pockets.

How To Travel Light and Dress Well Tip #5: Metallic Shoes and Purses For Easy Go From Day To Night

After a fun-filled day, a formal dinner comes up at night. Make sure you pack something that will be a lot easier to shift from day to night activities.

A gold and other metallic shoes are the best ones to try to. Silk blouses and other synthetic knock-offs will also make you look extra elegant.

You can have this Women’s Knee Length Short Sleeve Dress and partner it with metallic or gold shoes.

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