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We've all had this problem: "The wardrobe is completely full, but there is nothing to wear!"

Our tip: Spice it up with five classic pieces and break the vicious circle. All you need is…

1) A Small Dress

2) A Blazer

3) A Skirt

4) A Biker Jacket

 5) A Simple Sweater

These five pieces will look good with each other and with the rest of your wardrobe. With this five pieces you will get 20 new outfits.

1. Small Black Dress

Years ago, every woman used to have a little black dress in her closet because it is very suitable for every occasion. It was a must have. Decorated with the appropriate accessories like pearls, chains or gloves you were ready for the visit of the theatre. Worn with a small cardigan you were properly dressed for the family party. Nowadays, the small black dress enjoys a perfect comeback. It is practical to wear in lots of cases and has a really wide range of possibilities for combinations. During the day, for example, you can wear it with a biker jacket. Sounds a little strange, but believe me, it works! Not your style? Then wear it with a sweater on top, it doesn't matter if it is long or short.



2. Formal Blazer

You never go wrong with a formal blazer! Whether it is single row or double row buttoned, it should have a tight, classic cut and a short waist length. Fashionista will choose a new generation blazer, oversized and easy. A blazer fits to all pieces you have in your closet. Try it and don’t hesitate to combine it with opposing styles such as ripped jeans and a t-shirt. It is most fashionable and a perfect outfit for a nice evening with your friends in your favorite bar. For business meetings, wear it with a skinny or wide pants. Together with a turtle-neck beneath and some sportive Chelsea boots, it creates a perfect modern and most formal look.

3. Knee Long Skirt

One word in advance: The length of the skirt is decisive, it should extend to the knee. With that, it can be used almost in any combination and creates a really elegant and classic look. Small but not too tight, made in high quality, a skirt like this will never go out of style. Together with a blazer, a blouse beneath and a lovely belt, you are perfectly ready for the next meeting. Too formal? Don’t worry, with a biker jacket, sweater beneath and some ballerinas or boots, your skirt blends in into a really cool look. Or take the jumper with your skirt, opaque panties, flat shoes and you will get a great outfit for all circumstances.



4. Biker Jacket

One could not imagine life without it, the most fashionable biker jacket! At first just made for bikers, it is nowadays found with a hip length and a diagonal zip in almost every wardrobe. It is practical, wind resistant and still super fashionable. I don’t know any other piece that can be combined that easy with pants, jeans, high heels, ballerinas, skirts and also dresses. Yes, Biker jackets make expensive dresses really casual. These jackets were mostly made of tough leather, while newer fabrics make them softer and easier to wear. What do you prefer? At least it is not the material but the really cool design we love.



5. Simple Black Sweater

"Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a lady  (Marilyn Monroe). That is exactly how your sweater should fit. If you want one which survives more than one year, take a black cashmere – classic and easy to combine. I promise, you never get tired to look at it. Take care that the neckline is not too tight, so there is still room for a blouse beneath. Just simple worn with a neckless, it gets a total different look. Try it, you will love it!

Womens Black Sweater
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