5 Layered-Up Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Feel Warm While Looking Chic This Winter

5 Layered-Up Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Feel Warm While Looking Chic This Winter

It’s that time of the year again where people from different parts of the world experience deep freeze. But the cool weather should never pull down your sense of fashion. You do not need to go out looking like a yeti bounty hunter because there are certainly a lot of ways to style yourself without freezing. Though there are a lot of people who came to sacrifice looking stylish just to stay warm, this shouldn’t always be this way.

We have compiled here 5 Layered-Up outfit ideas for you in this cold…cold winter months.

  1. Play With Proportions

Do not close your doors to single winter clothes because doing some proportions will keep you warmer and chic, all at the same time. You can layer a down vest with an oversize sweater and high-waisted trousers to maximize comfortability. Finish your winter look with a roomy coat. You can also use warm-lined boots, wool scarf, and ear muffs to complete your look.

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  1. Use Color Blocking

Don’t be afraid of playing with color contrasts. You can use a pair of super saturated gloves mixed with a brightly hued fleece. For your inner clothing, you can go with a bright-colored sweater then pair it with a reversible fleece jacket. You can wear jeans and boots matched with sunglasses and gloves also.

  1. Power Up The Volume

Who says voluminous clothing this winter will only make you lousy and cheap? Pair a voluminous coat with a king-size sweater and you will still look chic and warm. Instead of using pants, use tights and a pair of boots.

Complete your look with a beanie.

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  1. Level Up Your Layering Game

Since you want to play with layers, just commit to it. Wear a coat on top of a fleece vest then a matching sweater, you will surely free yourself from the cold weather outside while staying in-style. But you can’t stop there. Wear stirrup leggings over matching combat boots then chunky socks to boost your look. A hat and a pair of gloves for a finish.

  1. Match Different Textures

You are not obligated to wear clothes with the same textures this winter. Mix and matching different textures will elevate your look. Use a pair of leather leggings that will appear chic yet warm then wear a cable knit and wool for a rather playful take on the texture. For this outfit, you can maximize your look by wearing a pair of boots, mittens, beret and a cashmere scarf.

Additional Clothing Tips This Winter

The myth saying that heat escapes through your hands, head, and feet are actually true. So when you go out this winter, make sure that your hands, feet, and head are properly covered.

  • Trapper hats and merino wool beanie to keep you warm as you enjoy outdoor activities in a cold weather.
  • Merino wool scarf because it feels comfortable and soft on your chin while keeping your neck warm.
  • Buffs that can be used as a light hat or a fashionable headband.
  • Liner socks, though small and lightweight, are perfect in avoiding moisture. Remember to keep your feet dry to maintain warmth.