5 Century Old Fashion Items That Are Still Being Used Today

5 Century Old Fashion Items That Are Still Being Used Today

As they say, fashion is fickle. But then, there are exemptions to that. Not all fashions items in the previous decades come and go. There are these timeless, explicit pieces of chic fashion items that will never go out of style. Take a glimpse of these items.

Ladylike Shoes

When it started: Ladylike shoes was first launched by French designer Christian Dior in 1947. On the 1950s, famous personalities like Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy gave a positive appeal to the people that made it a choice for women who are well-dressed.

Why it never goes out of style: This type of shoes always comes back because it enhances the curves of women and looks polished but never overdoing it.

Animal Prints

When it started: In the 18th century, during the colonization of Europeans to Asia and Africa, they brought back animal skins of zebras, tigers and even leopards that they caught there. Soon after, the exotic yet eye-catchy patterns were reproduced into fabrics, leaving a huge mark in the clothing and décor industry. After two centuries, famous personalities like Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall still use it.

Why it never goes out of style: Most animal patterns appear in neutral colors such as black, brown and beige. These colors are nothing but seasonless and you can wear these patterns in almost anything.


When it started: In the 1960s, French designers Andre Courreges and Pierre Cardin first created modern shift dresses and Halston streamlined it in 70s with monochromatic dresses and stretchy jumpsuits. But in the 90s, Miuccia Prada made the most staying creations. Her simple shapes as well as sparse ornamentation was a huge hit and still popular up until the present day.

Why it never goes out of style: Simply because clean lines and simple functionality is considered the hallmarks of American style.

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When it started: As far as the year 794, flowers used as adornment has always been used in Japanese kimonos. In the 1400s, it was also printed in rich Genoese velvets. Overall, Mother Nature has always been a concept of fashion and it will surely never lose its popularity over time.

Why it never goes out of style: Simply because it’s pretty. Flowers have always been a symbol of women and there are numerous interpretations to suit any taste. Famous ‘60s models or even “it girl” Jean Shrimpton loves to wear this soft and watercolor petal.

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When it started: During World War II, civilians including women are forced to wear government-issued trench coats on a daily basis. Moreover, in the Vietnam era, people who joined the antiwar movement wore army jackets, camouflage and cargo pants as their means of expressing their protest. Along the way, it became a trend and fashion icons like Lauren Hutton started wearing it.

Why it never goes out of style: Military outfits are kind of functional and makes you look tough and androgynous.

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