4 Ways to Wear Maxi Dress Casually

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4 Ways to Wear Maxi Dress Casually

Some people believe that a maxi dress is a formal wear. However, if you check out on the internet, you’ll see current trends where celebrities wear long maxi dresses very casually. All you need to do is pair it with the right accessories and shoes to add more style and comfort to your outfit.

Jennifer Lawrence

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  1. Wear it with sneakers.

Today, many women are choosing to pair their maxi dresses with matching sneakers. This latest trend creates a laid-back look which is perfect for spring and summer fashion. During these seasons, casual outings are frequent so what better way to wear your favorite maxi dress than with a nice pair of sneakers?

  1. Smart layering.

Layering is a great way to make your maxi dresses even more casual. If you are choosing deep-cut dresses, you can layer it with items of clothing that are light and floaty. For instance, you can pair it with a simple shirt or crop top. These additional garments add glamour and style to your casual outfit. Plus, you will surely stand out no matter how many people are also wearing maxi dresses in the crowd.

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  1. Highlight your waist.

Maxi dresses naturally have loose and laid-back approach. So, if you want to make your beautiful figure visible with this type of dress, you can wear some belt to flatter your shape. This way, you create a trendy yet neat look throughout the day. One of the trending personalities that are not afraid of wearing casual dresses despite their status is Kate Middleton. Below, you’ll see how she wear a casual maxi dress during a tour in India.


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  1. Top it with a jacket or blazer.

Maxi dresses for casual occasions are usually worn with shirts, cardigans, or even a formal blazer. Make sure the item of clothing you want to wear on top of your maxi dress is made with 100% cotton to stay comfortable, especially if it’s summer season. White tops go well with any dress, but you can also try using shirts with contrasting colors to create bolder statements.

Choosing a Casual Maxi Dress

Do you wanna know what makes a maxi dress casual? Well, there are specific patterns and colors to choose if you want to wear a casual dress for your outings. For instance, a floral printed dress in light material is a perfect option. Solid colors are also fine as long as they look like long silhouettes. Avoid a heavy fabric if you want to wear oversize maxi dresses.

Another good option is the patterned long-sleeve dresses. Long shirt dresses will give you an overstated casual outfit. For fit and flare maxi dresses, go with the ones that offer perfectly fitted bodice section. You can find plenty of styles that meet your casual wear needs such as strapless, racer-back, strapless, and spaghetti. Check out the beautiful and bold black party dress Kendall Jenner is wearing below.


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