4 Ideas on How to Wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters

4 Ideas on How to Wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Without a doubt, women love sweaters. No matter what season it is, be it spring or fall, but an absolute must during the cold season of winter and autumn, sweaters are everybody’s favorite. Partner it with belts, boots, leather jackets and you will have the perfect OOTD.

Since Christmas season is fast approaching, it is just right to tackle several ideas on how to wear those ugly Christmas sweaters and still look chic and fashionable.

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  1. Give It A Shape and Style

Oversize ugly Christmas sweaters are not entirely ugly as its name suggests. All you have to do is to add a belt, leggings, and boots to give it a shape and style.

Wearing over-sized sweaters are definitely comfy and offer a nice warmth that you can enjoy the whole winter. If you do not want to look lousy with those oversized ugly Christmas sweaters, try to wear it with a belt. You can either have a skinny belt with folds hanging over it or a big one. The belt will give your waist a shape. As for the leggings and boots, it is a great winter choice.

  1. Wear Fun Tights or Leggings

Partnering your ugly Christmas sweaters with a fun and bright leggings can enliven your entire outfit.

For patterned leggings, you can wear a monochromatic or plain sweater. Meanwhile, for bright-colored leggings, you can partner a more subdued patterned sweater.

  1. Pair It With Jeans

Not just tights and leggings, ugly Christmas sweaters can also be paired with jeans and it will surely look good on you because jeans are totally versatile. This look is the ultimate winter outfit, loved and favored by everyone. Just remember that each type of jeans and sweaters will endow you a different look.

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For ragged jeans, you can choose an over-sized sweater and it will surely look great on you. It is the perfect look for a lazy or even rainy afternoon.

Different kinds of sweaters partnered with a certain type of jeans will create a unique and distinct look. The possibilities are limitless, all you have to do it explore.

  1. Give It A Collar or Hood

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Nothing is classier than a collared shirt partnered with a sweater.  Just make sure that the collar is properly located outside of your sweater.

Slay a business look by adding a pair of jeans or a nice slacks to a sweater and a collared shirt.

  1. Ugly Christmas Sweater and a Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is definitely a pro that whatever sweaters you partner it with, you will surely look ecstatically fantastic. Just make sure to add a long necklace to give more life to your look.

  1. Add Accessories

There are different accessories that you can use to enhance the appearance of your sweater. Using jewelry is always a good option. You can have a chunky necklace and a pair of dangling earrings to match your outfit. The scarf is also a very good option and also keeps you cozy in a cold weather. Sweaters and boots are also good partners as they can provide both warmth and class to your outfit.