2017 Fashion Trends - Are you in style?

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2017 Fashion Trends - Are you in style?

In recent years, trending fashion has increasingly become a matter of personal choice, more than a defined parameter or benchmarks set up by the industries. 2017 has witnessed the extension of this reality in the wardrobes of fashion enthusiasts who have come to create a personalized street style that merges two or more individual styles.

Summer is here and you need to know all the trending clothes and accessories you require to make the season worthwhile. A couple of reputable magazines and fashion enthusiasts have already prepared lists containing what to wear in the hot summer months of 2017.

Beach bags are an essential accessory. They can fit into anything, from vintage 90's look to more trendy and urbane apparels. Cotton net bags and vintage straw bags are excellent for runway looks. Obviously, runway looks are here to stay for innumerable summers to go.

A cotton net bag in combination with mismatched earrings, ankle wraps, and a floral graphic tee is the epic vintage look. A click on this link will give you wide range of choices: https://www.aesthetelife.com/collections/accesories

Do you have long, sexy legs? You have a chance of showing them off. Are you proud of your legs? Wearing shorts is your best shot. These denim shorts with lace accents have been very popular for the last couple of months!

Womens Lace Accented Denim Shorts

 Fashion designers are of the opinion that printed shorts popularity is on the rise and will remain a hot trend in the remaining hot months. A light-color blouse or tee will serve a good trick and give you a relaxed, calm trendy appearance.

Peekaboo laces and dresses have made a huge return this season. Nude underlays and V neck cut outs give a really provocative, daring appearance. Going on high-heels and a distinctive short necklace will certainly turn a bunch of heads. Check in here, and you will be glad you did: https://www.aesthetelife.com/collections/womens

Already trending fashion are sophisticated bikini-coat combos which are a great outfit for pleasant evenings at the pier. You can always have on a duster cover up - bikini/swimsuit combo. Also, adding a pair of adequate sunglasses will make the look even more appealing and provide that amazing street style.

Womens Deep V-Neck Bikini Cover Up

The white-on-white style is spot on and can be easily customized with almost anything. From a relaxed high-waist top-white tee combo to an essentially white office suite, you can never go wrong with this style.

Sportswear remains favorite menswear this summer as it has been in the recent years. Last year we saw many 1980's influences in men summer clothing. However, designers have gone even more backward and have started promoting 1970's inspired clothing.

Two-pieces tracksuits, nylon jumpers or brown chevron prints are a major part of this vintage appeal. Checks are here to stay and when matched with the right shoes and shirts, they will give you a classic look. Simply get in here and you will find a wide range of choices: https://www.aesthetelife.com/collections/mens-joggers

Men and women who want to flow with the fashion trends this summer can let their imagination loose when wearing light-colored denim jeans. Cropped and unrepaired wash jeans are really making great fashion statements this year.

Mens Distressed Light washed jeans

For more amazing fashion ideas for both men and women online check out https://www.aesthetelife.com for a range of selected summer wears and accessories for your 2017 great summer experience.